About Rhino Cutting Systems

"If you have an application - we have the solution"

About Us

Rhino Cutting Systems is premier North American designer and manufacturer of Fiber Laser and Plasma cutting systems. Our cutting systems boast multi process capabilities including up to 8KW Fiber Laser, 800A Plasma, Pipe Cutting, Oxy-Fuel, true Beveled weld preparation, Drilling and Tapping to name a few.

We have been in the profile cutting business for decades as supplier of CNC and Optical control systems to every major OEM in the world under the brand name Linatrol Systems.

Some time ago, we identified a gap in the profile cutting market for an advanced, robust, high quality, well serviced, domestically made and fairly priced full service line of cutting machines. Rhino Cutting Systems was born.

The RHINO advantage

  • Over 100 years of combined thermal cutting experience
  • Experience our unique “Solution” providing approach to match customers with the right equipment for the job
  • Our experienced engineering service staff are knowledgeable and quick acting.
  • We stock and dispatch spare parts and consumables quickly to minimize customer downtime

A cut above the rest

  • Our engineers have a deep understanding of secondary manufacturing processes such as machining, forming and welding to give you confidence in entrusting our team as your partner.
  • We are not simply integrators, we design, develop and manufacture component and assemblies to our exacting requirements.
  • Our Linatrol INFINITY CNC is powerful, feature rich, expandable, serviceable and easy for operators to use effectively.


to your satisifaction


to your requirements


parts and service


to deliver solutions

RHINO Customers' Commitment

To partner with our customers, who’s success is our success – by delivering on our promises, on-time, every time. To produce a top-level industrial machine that will be a dependable asset for your business. And finally, to promptly assist and service that relationship for the lifetime of your investment.