Rhino ILS – ORBIT 5-Axis Laser Cutting Machine

The Rhino ORBIT is a perfect match for manufacturers needing specialized solutions for cutting hot-stamped and tubular metal parts. Our advanced 3D laser cutting machines offer unmatched productivity and reliability. The ORBIT is designed for mass production of hot-stamped steel automotive components, maximizes uptime and minimizes maintenance with its simplified design.

Available in two sizes, it boasts the fastest cycle times and excellent Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE). It provides flexibility with configurations for cutting large sections or smaller body parts, featuring intuitive cutting sequences and boosting exceptional high-dynamic motion for enhanced productivity.

The Rhino ORBIT offers high precision, fast speed, and low operating costs, specifically developed for 3D cutting and trimming of auto thermal formed parts, making it ideal for batch production. These machines ensure efficient, reliable, and cost-effective solutions for the automotive industry.

Key Specs

  • Large working envelope options: X Axis: 3-5m, Y Axis: 1.5-2.5m, Z Axis: 680mm-1.5m
  • Ultra-fast rotary table: 4000mm max diameter and 400kg load capacity/side
  • IPG Fiber Laser Source: Up to 6000W Laser Power
  • Powerful Siemens 840Dsi CNC: Large 26" Touchscreen Interface with hand pendant
  • Optional features: Robot Tending, Scrap Conveyor
  • Safety features: Light curtains, safety scanner and fencing protection

World Class Performance

  • High precision rack and pinion motion
  • Rigid fabricated gantry structure
  • Max Simultaneous speed of 166 m/min
  • Max Acceleration 1.7G
  • Rotary Table 2.3s
  • Max Cutting Speed 30 m/min
  • Extremely fast part to part cycle times

Exceptional Process Dynamics

  • Laser power up to 6kW
  • Enhanced nozzle standoff for improved collision avoidance
  • Dynamic cutting power, speed and motion for precision in tight corners
  • Extensive process database
  • Quick real-time focus adjustment.

Gas Controls and Air Filtration

RC2 Robotic Laser Cutting Machine’s advanced integrated gas controls and air filtration system. Our state-of-the-art gas control system ensures optimal cutting quality by precisely regulating gas flow, tailored to the specific requirements of your materials and cutting applications. Coupled with our high-efficiency air filtration system, the RC2 effectively removes water, oils, dust, and particulates, maintaining a clean and long lasting cutting operation. This combination not only extends the lifespan of your equipment but also ensures consistent, high-quality results with every cut.

Technical Specs

Working range 
Working Range (Length * Width)3000mm * 1500mm
X-Axis3 to 5 meters
Y-Axis1.5 to 2.5 meters
Z-Axis680mm to 1.5 meters
X/Y/Z Axis Position Accuracy0.08mm
X/Y/Z Axis Repeat Accuracy0.03mm
A/C Axis Position Deviation0.015°
A/C Repeat Accuracy0.005°
X/Y/Z Axis Max Speed100 m/min
A/C Axis Max Speed540 °/s
X/Y/Z Axis Simultaneous Max Acceleration10 m/s2
A/C Axis Simultaneous Max Acceleration60 rad/s2
Work Table 
Rotation diameter4000mm
Rotation Work TableSide max. load: 400kg
Rotation Time<2.3s
Max Power Levels1000 – 6000 W
Weight & Size 
Net Weight<16000kg
Space Size (Length * Width * Height)8500 * 7600 * 4200mm
Protection LevelIP54

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