Production HD Plasma

Rhino’s Production HD table is designed for heavy duty drilling and tapping applications as well as 2D/3D Oxy Fuel/Plasma Cutting, engineered and built for your specific production needs.

  • Heavy duty drilling, tapping & cutting machine
  • Versatile configurations: multiple processes and multiple bridges
  • 2D & 3D Oxy, Plasma and bevel cutting capability
  • Customizable table sizes, up to very large

HD Drill and Tap

Rhino’s ProductionHD dual beam bridge with extra rigidity supports CAT 40 / 50 & HSK Drilling & Tapping

  • Heavy duty drilling for up to 4″ plate and 2″ diameter holes
  • Tapping of pre-drilled holes with accurate pitch control
  • Dual beam bridge for extra rigidity to support CAT 40 / 50 and HSK drilling station

Ultra Heavy-Duty Design

Rhino’s Production Series sets the benchmark for Heavy-duty CNC cutting.

  • 50 mm linear ways with dust sealed bearing blocks
  • Industry leading 2kW AC servo motors
  • Ultra-low backlash planetary gearboxes
  • Sophisticated bridge design with thorough FEA analysis
  • Formed and welded heavy duty end trucks

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