ProSeries Plasma

Rhino’s ProSeries is the best-built CNC plasma cutting table in its class. The ProSeries is our flagship product suited for all hi-def, high accuracy plasma cutting applications. Full featured including:

  • Built to handle heavy plate cutting in harsh industrial environments
  • Available with up to 400 amp Hi-def plasma cutting power
  • Optional bevel cutting head for weld preparation
  • Plasma bridge is fabricated in-house from machined aluminum for high-accuracy motion

Rhino’s Infinity CNC

Rhino’s Infinity CNC controller is built upon our years of experience from our roots as a division Westinghouse and as Linatrol through to today — delivering near unlimited potential.

  • Pop Technology gives you dramatic increases in cut throughput compared to normal cutting execution.
  • Control any number of axes, cutting stations, bevel execution, dual bridge, etc
  • Machine wizard for quick jobs and office suite tools
  • Over 20 years – Top Performance CNC cutting controller

Bevel Cutting Head

Available now, Rhino’s Bevel cutting torch. For off-axis cutting and weld preparation.

  • Maximum tilt +/-50 degree from vertical for true corners without loops
  • 3-Axis A, B, Z simultaneous for true 5 axis motion
  • <1 arc/min backlash
  • Laser pointer for accurate origin definition
  • Magnetic anti-collision system preserves the integrity of the torch and machine in the event of a crash
  • Motor brakes prevent unwanted motion of bevel head during power off

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