Thinking about retro-fitting your old plasma table rather than buying new — let us help you consider all the options. 

Rhino Cutting Systems offers comprehensive retrofit services right from the beginning so that you can have a real comparison. We will help you make the right decision for your business and situation.  

CNC Table Retrofit – Checklist:

  1. Electronics including: drives, motors, CNC controller, torch height controller, sensors, complete wiring inspection 
  2. Mechanical components including: wheel bearings, check bearings, linear bearings, gear racks, rails
  3. Table integrity and exhaust systems
  4. Plasma Source and Torch health

We service all major plasma CNC tables including: Koike, AKS, Messer, ESAB, RhinoCuttingSystems, Multicam, PlasmaCam, Machitech, Fab-Cut, , Lincoln Torchmate, Ferric Machine, ICS.  We also support all major Plasma brands: Thermal Dynamics, HyperTherm, ESAB, Lincoln, Kjellberg, Kaliburn.

Speak with our service support team, who have decades of experience in the industry for a courtesy review of your situation.