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Robotic Laser Cutting

Rhino uses high-precision robots paired with the most advanced cutting optics in the industry to provide the most accurate and repeatable cutting results. Our engineered solutions are built with increased rigidity and stability compared to many laser cells on the market today.

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Cutting Cell Highlights


Robotic Laser Welding

Rhino has the expertise and experience needed to achieve consistent, successful results in Laser Welding. After careful review of the customer’s specific process, we can pair the correct optical configuration to the application — whether it be: fixed optical head, 2D/3D scanning, or laser with wire feed. Additionally, we offer advance multi-dimensional weld process monitoring to attain the highest production reliability.

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Laser Cell Design Features



Part Fixturing

Everything done in-house with continual client assistance. We provide the fixturing that your part may require. These dynamic clamps are specific for laser processing and can be provided hassle-free, directly by the Rhino team when requested.

Robot Integration & Programming


Software Features

Simulation software to pre-run new parts and processes offline

Easy to load 3D part files and overlay new 2D cut path work.

Advanced shape tuning available to increase accuracy of small holes

Pre-loaded shapes and quick add features to add new cut outs and locations.

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