Flat Sheet Laser Cutting

Posted on July 26th, 2023

Persuasive Reasons to Choose Flat Sheet Laser Cutting

Flat sheet laser cutting is the supreme option when your metal manufacturing project requires a large or small quantity of flawlessly completed pieces. There are a variety of methods that fabricators take to cut metal, but with flat sheet lasering, we can cut components rapidly and precisely. This is one of the reasons that fabricators prefer laser cutters over other technologies such as water jets, plasma, or a plain old-fashioned saw. Continue reading to discover the impressive attributes of laser flat sheet cutting.

Advantages of Flat Sheet Laser Cutting

Take a closer look to explore, what’s so great about it.


By running a CNC machine, flat sheet laser cutting employs a high-powered beam of energy to cut through metal quickly and effectively. The actual cutting process is automated, which enhances pace and reduces expenses such as labor time and upkeep on tools and equipment. Some laser-cutting systems can even combine many shapes and patterns into smaller regions to maximize metal utilization.


Since it uses thermal energy to manipulate the material, flat sheet laser cutting can cut many various angles and designs without stopping to alter the sheet metal. Some machines have a peak cutting speed of 1200 inches per minute, however cutting speed relies on the kind of material, metal thickness, and necessary reliability.


Since flat sheet laser cutting is done automatically by a machine, it is more precise than traditional mechanical production methods. The use of automation means that there is no room for human mistakes in the cutting process. Laser cutting can make merchandise with far more refined tolerances, with contemporary equipment capable of measuring to 005 or even.002 inches.

Lower Cost

Although flat sheet laser cutting is not the cheapest process but it is still a viable option for most sheet metal manufacturing. Due to the high cost of big laser cutting systems, firms typically outsource their laser cutting to another business that specializes in this type of production. However, there are several economic advantages to acquiring and running a laser cutting machine in-house.

Flat Sheet Laser Cutting Differs from Traditional Methods

Mechanical shearing and die cutting or punching are traditional methods for cutting sheet metal because they are slow and require manual operation and machinery with many moving technical elements.

Flat sheet laser cutting, on the other hand, is automated and may move faster than manual blades or punches. CNC machines can also modify the laser’s path to produce a new design faster than systems that require a physical die to punch into the metal.

In a Nutshell

When your manufacturing project demands tight tolerances and large volumes of finely finished products, flat sheet laser cutting may be the ideal option. Of course, additional factors must be considered before choosing the most effective cutting technique, so contact us promptly to tell us about your project and discuss your unique demands.

‘Rhino Cutting System’ realizes that your success is dependent on best-in-class cutting and a variety of other manufacturing procedures. That’s why we offer high-quality flat sheet laser cutting as well as a wide range of further services. We are here to make the process simple, hassle-free, and cost-effective from start to end, to any degree that you want us to be engaged in your project. Contact us instantly!