How Automation Enhances the Fabrication of Metal

Streamlining Production: The Impact of Automation on Metal Fabrication

How Automation Enhances the Fabrication of Metal

Automated manufacturing is the practice of operating machinery through the use of control systems. This idea is used in the computer-numerical control (CNC) cutting technique used by plasma and waterjet cutters in the metal fabricating sector. Custom fabrication businesses can benefit significantly from automating the fabrication process, including increased productivity and higher product quality.

Benefits of CNC Plasma, Waterjet, and Oxy-fuel Cutting Equipment

For particular fabrication needs, various types of heavy-duty cutting tables are available. Every custom fabrication firm needs plasma cutting tables, waterjet cutters, and oxyfuel cutting machines, which may be automated using CNC technology. Automated burn tables enhance metal manufacturing in the following ways:

Preferable Cut Quality


Even when done by a skilled professional, cutting with a portable torch is a process that takes time. Automation eliminates human error when producing metal, reducing cutting errors and material waste. Operating costs will be cheaper with less waste. Additionally, the cut quality is uniform throughout the mass-produced parts.

Timely Production


The human hand cannot maintain the same speed or provide the same level of precision as a CNC plasma cutter or similar robust cutting table. Custom fabrication firms can meet or surpass their production schedules thanks to automated burn tables, which significantly speed up production. Waterjet cutters can even be fitted with several cutting heads that work simultaneously.

Lighter Workforce

Automated cutting machines are generally simple to use and don’t need specialist training. Starting a CNC machine is as easy as downloading a design, loading the material, and pushing the start button. These cutting-edge burn tables may be operated by a single technician, saving shop owners money on labor.

Better Workforce

Fewer people are needed on the work floor since automated machinery like CNC plasma cutters only needs one person to operate it. The same expert who operates the machine can also handle material handling, which is simplified. There is also far less chance of damage because the technician’s hands never have to come in contact with the torch or the cutting area.

Reduced Operational Costs


It’s simple to understand why so many custom metal fabrication companies outfit their facilities with automated CNC-cutting machines, given the cost reductions brought on by decreased waste, a smaller workforce, and quicker output.

The Investment Is Worth it in Return


Custom fabrication facilities can produce almost any shape or profile with excellent cut quality thanks to automated fabrication of metal. It also enables companies to meet their client’s deadlines regularly and provide flawless products, helping them establish a solid reputation in the marketplace.

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