Plasma Cutting Benefits

Posted on December 28th, 2022

Optimizing Performance: The Many Benefits of Plasma Cutting Technology

The process of manufacturing metal plates with a size range of ¼ inch to 1 ½ inch is known as plasma cutting. This technology is employed in fabrication facilities of all sizes due to its processing speed and high-quality cuts. Let’s start with some fundamentals before we examine the benefits of plasma cutting in more detail.

What is Plasma?


When a gas is exposed to high heat, it ionizes to form plasma. In reality, ionized gas is another name for plasma. Under a subatomic microscope, you could observe orphaned electrons due to atoms with missing electrons floating around in plasma because the atoms in plasma are not always in contact with one another. Plasma functions more like a gas but behaves like a liquid when exposed to an electrical or magnetic field.

The Popularity of Plasma Cutting


The fabrication of plates using this unique technique offers a variety of benefits. A plasma cutting table, for instance, can:

  • Process every conductive substance, as opposed to an oxy-fuel cutter that only cuts ferrous metals (those containing iron)
  • Produce less slag due to the heat melting most of it away.
  • Create precise cuts on plates up to 50 mm in size.
  • Plasma cutting is the finest method for producing medium-thickness steel and aluminum.
  • Reduce the kerf size compared to flame cutting to process complex shapes and profiles perfectly.
  • It can be run submerged to reduce the heat-affected zone (HAZ)
  • Surpass the output speed of competing metal fabricating techniques.
  • Possess the ability to automate processes using computer numerical control (CNC) technology

Advantages of CNC Technology


Plasma cutting tables with CNC software offer even more benefits than a regular machine. Programming a production schedule and loading profiles are made simple by the software. With CNC controls, all required to move materials are loaded and unloaded; the rest is handled automatically. As a result, processing requires fewer technicians, and material handling is safer.

Does Plasma Cutting Have Deficiencies

While plasma cutting has numerous benefits, there are better methods for all types of metal manufacturing. For instance, plasma cutting is constrained by the size of the material and is ineffective on plates larger than 1 ½ inch or smaller than ¼ inch. Its tolerances are looser than laser cutting, and its kerf is broader. It also leaves a HAZ behind, albeit a waterjet cutter can remove it.

Heavy-Duty Plasma Cutters Stores


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