What Kinds of Plasma Cutters Are Used on CNC Tables?

Maximizing Cutting Accuracy: An Overview of the Different Types of Plasma Cutters Used on CNC Tables

What Kinds of Plasma Cutters Are Used on CNC Tables

Different forms of plasma are used in various systems, even though machined-controlled plasma cutting tables are made for a specific process—fabricating metal. Depending on your products and the work volume, you should choose the best plasma source for your CNC table. Let’s examine a few prevalent plasma subtypes:

Air Plasma


Air plasma tables are frequently used on entry-level steel fabrication equipment and are perfect for low-volume manufacturing.

Plasma Oxygen

Mid-range fabrication shops frequently use oxygen plasma by providing a step up in quality from air plasma.

Plasma High Definition

High-definition plasma is the best option for shops specializing in high-volume processing, such as steel service facilities. Additionally, this choice provides the highest-quality fabrications.

Plasma CNC cutters

Compared to a handled approach, CNC plasma cutters can create reproducible quality cuts. These cutting-edge burn tables are unquestionably engineered for flawless craftsmanship, making them an essential tool for any steel production.

How Do They Function?

“Computer numerical control,” or CNC, is the abbreviation for an automated procedure. Steel fabricators utilize CNC software to program a multi-axis bevel to complete the required work instead of risking damage to the material by freehand fabrication with a portable torch. Before fabrication starts, potential problems with the form or profile can be found in the software, saving time and money. CNC systems frequently collaborate with CAM (computer-aided machining) and CAD (computer-aided design) software to produce precise fabrications.

Effects Of Steel Fabricators

CNC plasma cutting tables can benefit fabrication firms in numerous ways, increasing the quality and output of all types of steel fabrication. For instance, these plasma cutters often only require one person to run, thanks to automated operation, helping to lower labor expenses. Some can also reduce material handling, decreasing the danger of damage to the raw material and enhancing shop safety. These include industrial-size tables explicitly made for the production of oversized materials.

The Industry Leader in CNC Plasma Cutting Automation

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