The Cost of a CNC Plasma Table?

Posted on December 28th, 2022

Balancing Cost and Benefit: Understanding the Factors that Influence the Price of a CNC Plasma Table

When looking into CNC plasma tables for the first time, most novice buyers have this question in mind. However, there are a few extra expenses to consider when setting a budget for your new automation equipment.

The machine’s initial cost is undoubtedly the first one. Imagine purchasing a $189,000 industrial HD plasma table. You must also account for costs like shipping, rigging, and electricity. Because each set of rules may differ, these expenses are variable and may vary from one machine to another and from one state to another. While that expense might seem insignificant, others may need long-term investment to advance their company.

However, we don’t consider this expense the “most essential expenditure.” Think about how much it would cost to remove a part from a table, remove any slag, centre punch the holes, set up a drill press, drill four holes, and then countersink them before stacking the part on a pallet. Should each segment take five or ten minutes? Over the next five years, we could cut the processing time by 20, 30, or 50%. Efficiency is now the key to success.

How much would your business cost if the competition outperforms you regarding part cost or delivery time? The best moment to automate is now because the world is evolving for the better and a more productive future. Long-term costs of processing parts “the old way” will be much higher than any capital equipment investment.

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